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And So It Begins...

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

After 3 years of research, planning, giving up and starting again I’m finally at launch day.

Owning a boutique is something I’ve dreamed about for 15 years or more, oback in the late noughties after finishing college I even done a business plan only to realize I would need to borrow far more money than I was comfortable with, to open a physical boutique so that was that. Untill now.

With a background in digital marketing I spent the last 7 years increasing an online presence for other companies mostly in the software space, loved it. I’m such a google analytics nerd! But I started to realise I should be combining my passion and my skills to create a business for myself. Let’s face it there’s nothing glamerous about software, but it did pay the bills.

Fast forward to now, I’m finally taking a leap of faith. I have eaten, slept, breathed the fashion industry over the last 3 years so I cannot wait to bring you some stunning collections over the coming months and bring you an online shopping experience second to none.

Join me on this exciting journey and maybe even transform your wardrobe along the way with quality hand picked key pieces. And remember what we always say here at Glitterball, “it’s your time to shine“

Take Care,

A xx

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